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KAMLOOPS — A Kamloops man’s creation is providing a new way for people with mobility challenges to get in exercise and retain movement.

The Wallgym started out as Antonio Ramunno creating his own exercise equipment for physiotherapy.

Today, the unique set-up is giving others with mobility issues in the community an opportunity for more independence.

“We got a new fresh start. It’s like a totally other life right now.”

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Kamloops This Week - An idea that has plenty of weight

Antonio Ramunno credits his family’s love — and some McDonald’s french fries — for helping him pull out of the “dark, horrible time” that followed a motorcycle accident.

That crash in October 2014 left Ramunno paralyzed from the chest down and facing months of treatment and rehabilitation in various medical facilities.

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After his physiotherapy ended, a quadriplegic created his own wall gym

Antonio Ramunno knew he shouldn’t have been out on his motorcycle, but it was such a beautiful night. It was almost four years ago. He said he was just ‘pissing around’, doing stuff he knew he shouldn’t.

That’s when he lost control of his bike and wiped out. When he woke up, the 46-year-old’s C-5 vertebrae was injured and he didn’t have any feeling below his chest.

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Antonio Ramunno was trying to find a way to exercise and improve his independence and health after his SCI. His innovation, Wallgym, might be a game changer for any wheelchair user seeking a home-based way of getting in better shape.

Antonio Ramunno has always been a hands-on guy. Up until four years ago, the 50-year-old father ran his own roofing and siding company in his hometown of Kamloops. He was used to solving his own problems with ingenuity and hard work long before a 2014 motorcycle accident left him with C5 quadriplegia. It was only natural he solved his post-injury dilemmas in the same way.

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The Wallgym is just 3 feet in width, allowing for a full body workout to be completed in the comfort of your own bedroom or any area of your home or facility.


Utilizing clip resistance bands and other techniques, the Wallgym allows for nearly endless exercise possibilities.


Compared to other home gym systems (that also tend to be bulky), the Wallgym is one of the most affordable on the market.

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